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fbi/cia cowards directs brave young into unjust wars

  See my reports on the out of control intel services and how they brutally control our bravest & finest young men and women.
The cia directs our young, brave men and women into useless battles and unjust wars, while the fbi threatens, arrests, imprisons, tortures and kills the soldier/citizen (whether decorated or fatigued) upon return home. Thus, no wonder *West Point and other military academies frequent my reports in search of an answer to this question, "Who will follow us into the next battle"?
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IP Address  134.240.14.# (United States Military Academy)
ISP  United States Military Academy
Location  Continent :  North America
Country :  United States  (Facts)
State :  New York
City :  West Point
Time of Visit  Jan 18 2012 10:49:26 am
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